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99.9% of lost items in Dubai Taxis are returned safely to their owners: RTA


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Forgetting personal documents, phones or cash in taxis is a common occurrence and the people who lose them have to run from pillar to post to get them back but most of the times all of their efforts go in vein as they never get their things back.


But that is not the case with Dubai, the 'land of opportunities,' as the resolution rate of missing items cases in city's taxis is as high as 99.9%.


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has revealed that the Lost & Found Unit at its Call Centre, Customers Happiness Dep’t received 31,073 reports of items lost in Dubai Taxis during the period from January to September 2020.


And in 99.9% cases the missing things were returned to their rightful owners.


Mehailah Al Zahmi, Director of Customers Happiness Department, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA,  says that RTA considers customers and service recipients a top priority in line with its third strategic goal ‘People Happiness.’


"From January to September this year, we found and returned a diverse cast of lost items including Dhs618,700 in cash, 836 mobile phones, 1,201 electronic devices, 453 passports, 254 laptops, 53 jewellery items, and 41 iPads/tablets. Overall, we have received 31,073 reports of lost items and the signing-off rate amounted to 99.9%," she said.


"We return the lost items to their respective owners once we receive reports from them. This achievement is credited to the cooperation of our taxi drivers who display high levels of integrity and honesty in line with RTA’s professional ethics in this vital field," she noted.


Taxi drivers who report items left by customers in their vehicles are honoured and motivated to encourage them to continue with this moral and civilised conduct.


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