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Court tells ex-wife to pay Dhs1 million to husband for a plot of land


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance obligated a woman to pay one million dirhams to her husband, his share in a plot of land they had bought and which was registered in her name during the period of their marriage.

Details of the case date back to an earlier time when a man filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife demanding that she pays him Dhs2 million as 75% of the value of a plot of land he had contributed to its purchase.

The husband also demanded his ex-wife to pay him Dhs120,000, which he had spent on renovation of their house.

The lawyer for the wife demanded the dismissal of the case.

The court indicated that the plaintiff and the woman were married, so that the husband did not ask his wife for a written document of the sums he had paid. The court also indicated that the husband presented a witness who testified that one million dirhams were paid to the wife.

The husband swore before the court that he shared with his wife the value of the plot of land and that he paid her one million dirhams.

He added that he transferred the plot’s ownership in her name according to the power of attorney she assigned to him.

The court obligated the woman to pay her divorced husband Dhs1 million, and fined her Dhs3,000, besides the case fees.

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