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Arab forges UAE entry permits, swindles Dhs120,000


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter


The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a 42-year-old unemployed Arab to the Dubai Criminal Court on charges of forging 27 entry permits against Dhs120,000 taken from the owner of a recruitment agency in his home country.


The case dates back to 2017 until the date of a complaint filed by an Arab visitor with the competent authorities in which he stated that he had been swindled by an Arab residing in the UAE.


The visitor testified in the public prosecution’s interrogations that he communicated with the defendant in 2017 regarding the provision of Dubai work permits.


The defendant agreed with him to provide work visas for Dhs4,000 each and was provided with passport photos for 100 people, he added.


The victim went on to say that the defendant told him after one week that he submitted 27 entry permits, which had already been approved, and requested Dhs50,000 to be paid.


The amount was received in four payments but after the period set for delivering the entry permits was over, the defendant began to procrastinate before requesting the remaining amount of Dhs70,000 to be paid.


No sooner the entire amount was paid to him, the defendant began to procrastinate again until he finally sent the permits.


When one of the applicants tried to travel on the basis of the issued work permit, the authorities discovered that the entry permit was fake.


As the same happened with another applicant, the victim decided to travel to Dubai to meet the defendant, who tried to avoid him. As a result, the victim filed a complaint with the police.

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