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Hong Kong activists rally in support of Thai protesters


Activist Joshua Wong poses with a sign to support protesters in Thailand, outside Thai consulate in Hong Kong. Reuters

A small group of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists rallied outside the Thai consulate in the Asian financial hub on Monday to show solidarity with protesters in Thailand demonstrating against the government and monarchy.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Thai cities over the weekend in defiance of a government crackdown.

Holding banners bearing the message “Stand with Thailand,” there were less than a dozen activists gathered outside the consulate, though Joshua Wong, one of the leaders of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, was among them.


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The small turnout could be partly explained by social distancing measures introduced in Hong Kong to fight the spread of the coronavirus which ban groups larger than four from gathering in public.

Links have grown between protesters in Thailand and Hong Kong in a movement called the “Milk Tea Alliance,” referring to drinks popular in both places. Seen as advocating for democracy, the movement's netizens in Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan have unleashed a wave of online criticism of China.

One Facebook group called 'Thailand and Hong Kong Together' listed items that people could donate to the Thai protesters, including raincoats, ammonia and loudspeakers.


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