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Trio in court for forging bank statement


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The Dubai public prosecution has referred three suspects to the court of misdemeanours on charges of forging a bank statement and using the forged copy of the document to defraud a company that specialised in presenting gifts.


The stolen gifts amounting to Dhs25,000, were two mobile phones, two bottles of perfume and a bouquet of natural roses.


Counselor Ahmed Abdullah Al Attar, Chief Prosecutor at the Bur Dubai, who investigated the incident, said the first suspect provided the second (anonymous) with the name and data of the bank account, details of the financial movements, and the details of the fictitious transfer to the victim company.


He also sent the forged report via WhatsApp to the company’s employees to prove the transfer contrary.


Based on that, the company gave the second and third suspects the gifts.


Al Attar indicated that the first defendant deluded the victim company that he was the CEO of an airline and private aircraft leasing company, that he was one of the wealthy families in Dubai and that he was outside the country.


He asked the company to give the second and third suspects two Iphone x, two bottles of perfume and a bouquet of natural roses after providing the company with a copy of the forged account statement in which it was proven that Dhs25,800 were transferred from his bank account to the bank account of the victim company, so the company delivered the gifts to the suspects.


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