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UK PM sets out three-tier system of lockdown measures


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives to attend a meeting. File photo

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday imposed a tiered system of further restrictions on parts of England including closing some pubs as the COVID-19 outbreak accelerates, though anger is rising at the cost of the curtailment of freedoms.


Johnson's three-tier system, announced in parliament, is an attempt to standardise a patchwork of often complicated and confusing restrictions imposed across England.


Lawmakers will vote on the move.


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The lockdowns will include shutting pubs and bars in areas placed into the "very high" alert level. So far, Merseyside is the only area yet in that category and there gyms, leisure centres, betting shops, adult gaming centres and casinos will also close, Johnson said.


"We must act to save lives," Johnson told parliament, adding that he did not want another national lockdown.

Several urban centres in northern England have already been hit with a range of curbs on social life. File photo

"If we let the virus rip, then the bleak mathematics dictate that we would suffer not only an intolerable death toll from COVID, but we would put such a huge strain on our NHS with an uncontrolled second spike that our doctors and nurses would simply be unable to devote themselves to other treatments."


Health officials say the freshest data showed infections were rising across the north of England and in some more southerly areas too while the virus was creeping up age bands towards the elderly from those aged 16-29 years.


Manchester intensive care consultant Jane Eddleston said 30% of critical care beds were taken up with COVID-19 patients - starting to impact on healthcare for others.



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