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VIDEO: Sultan opens Kalba Road, inspects various projects


Sheikh Sultan is being briefed about the project.

His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, visited the city of Kalba on Thursday morning.

During his visit, Sheikh Sultan inaugurated the Kalba Road and inspected a number of developmental, vital and tourism projects in the city.

The visit comes within the framework of Sheikh Sultan’s constant keenness to follow up on the emirate’s projects, which come within plans to develop infrastructure through high-quality road networks, to supply areas and cities of the emirate with service facilities and tourist sites, and to preserve the emirate’s environmental topography.

Sheikh Sultan unveiled a commemorative plaque at the inauguration event to mark the opening of the Dhs1 billion Kalba Road, at a length of 26 km, and extending from Wadi Al Hilou to The Flag Square in Kalba.

He also inspected a number of projects built on both sides of Kalba Road, including the green spaces forming hanging gardens, in addition to a 2km- long Yahar Lagoon project.

Sheikh Sultan stopped at Wadi Al Ghail Dam where he was briefed about the plans of future projects, directing to develop Wadi Al Ghail and establish a garden and places for camping and other mobile food carts and a mountain walkway, and directed planting a million Sidr trees around the dam and the valley to the summits of the surrounding mountains.

He further inspected the Kalba Corniche project, which is the most recent tourist and environmental destination in the city extending over a length of 9.5 km, and has been provided with all services and facilities including a series of restaurants, shops, recreational facilities, green parks, children’s play areas and other playgrounds for adults.

Sheikh Sultan directed the rapid completion and implementation of a number of new facilities that serve the project and provide the best elements of comfort and recreation for the city’s residents and visitors.

He also visited the Kalba Literary Council and toured the various departments and sections of the building before he listened to a full explanation about the activities of the Department of Culture in the various cities and regions of Sharjah, directing the activation of the cultural and literary movement in various cities and regions of the emirate.

Recently, Sheikh Sultan ordered the establishment of a club for the people of determination in the city of Kalba, similar to the Khorfakkan’s club for people of determination.

The move comes in response to a request of a differently-abled caller to the “Direct Line” programme broadcast on Sharjah Radio and Television. This was announced by Mohammad Khalaf, presenter of the programme, and Director General of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority.

Earlier this year, Sheikh Sultan issued an Emiri Decree to form the Kalba Municipal Council.

Emiri Decree No. (3) of 2020 stipulates that a municipal council in the City of Kalba be formed under the name “Kalba Municipal Council” under the chairmanship of Dr. Suleiman Abdullah Suleiman Bin Sarhan Al Zaabi.

The decree also establishes that the Kalba Municipal Council elect a vice-chairman from among the members at its first meeting, and that the election of the vice-chairman shall be by consensus or by secret ballot, and by a majority of those present.  The vice-chairman shall replace the president in all his responsibilities and duties during his absence.

As stated by the decree, the term of membership in the Municipal Council will be in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (2) of 2004 regarding municipalities in the Emirate of Sharjah and its executive regulations and their amendments, starting from the date of formation of the Council.

 The Council shall continue to exercise its responsibilities upon the expiry of its term until a new council is appointed.

The Decree is effective from the date of its issuance and shall be published in the Official Gazette.  Other competent authorities should implement its provisions each in its respective field.

Sheikh Sultan has also issued an Emiri Decree calling upon the Kalba Municipal Council to convene its first regular meeting of the 15th annual term.

Emiri Decree No. (4) of 2020 states that the Kalba Municipal Council shall be called to convene for the first regular session of the fifteenth annual term on Wednesday February 5, 2020.

This decree is effective from the date of its issuance and shall be published in the Official Gazette.

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