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UAE has set an ideal, inspiring example in crisis management during pandemic, says official


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The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) on Sunday revealed the UAE efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, during a media briefing by Dr Saif Al Dhaheri, official spokesman of NCEMA.


At the start of the briefing, Al Dhaheri said, “The principle of transparency is a key pillar in our handling of the current crisis and is a deep rooted and authentic approach of our wise leadership.”


“There are key factors when announcing any information, including reliable sources, accuracy of information and positive control to ensure not compromising the security and stability of society,” he added.


He continued, “The efficiency of the state agencies under the guidance of the National Security Advisor, in implementing and following up the decisions that are aimed to reduce the spread of the virus is valued and appreciated.”


Al Dhaheri also pointed out that the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority has developed a distinctive monitoring and inspection methodology to ensure the application of all precautionary measures by forming 7 inspection teams, one in each emirate.


In addition, more than 46 protocols have been issued to ensure the health and safety of the community.


He also noted that the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority is continuously observing and monitoring responses and feedback from the public, which will be taken into account to develop the content of the UAE government briefing.


He said, “We would like to assure the public that the increase in the number of fines does not mean an increase in the number of cases, actually it is the result of the intensive efforts of the concerned local authorities to ensure the application of the national laws and protocols.”


“The UAE has been an ideal and inspiring example in the crisis management under the guidance and follow up of the prudent leadership to achieve success and increase the efficiency of the national resources to respond and proactively counter the spread of the virus,” Al Dhaheri said.


Intensified inspections


For their part, the relevant authorities nationwide have intensified their control and inspection campaigns and punished anyone whether individuals or establishments for failing to comply with preventive measures.


“Meanwhile, the police departments were at the forefront in penalising those who flouted the regulations and preventive measures, followed by municipalities, economic development departments and a number of other entities in all emirates,” informed Al Dhaheri.


“We are working on raising awareness of and increasing communication with all segments of society in the UAE through media campaigns that align with their cultures, behaviours, and media platforms,” he added.


Rumour mongers warned


About rumours of  crises, he said “there are few who seek to achieve their goals that are misaligned with the unified national direction and compromise the security and stability of its society, and the law must be applied firmly towards these people.”


“We have launched the #CommitToWin campaign with a national media strategy to address each individual and institution and call for their commitment in order to achieve success and ensure a safe return of activities in all sectors.


“#CommitToWin campaign has exceeded two billion impressions locally and regionally,” Al Dhaheri confirmed.


Seasonal flu


“Furthermore, NCEMA has taken the necessary measures to prepare for the seasonal flu since last July, and it calls on the health sector to prepare vaccination campaigns nationwide so that the flu outbreak does not coincide with the infection of the COVID-19 virus,” he added.


According to a survey conducted by the NECMA, 96.30 per cent of the UAE society is satisfied with the government's handling of the pandemic.


95 per cent of the respondents hail government's efficiency in handling of the pandemic, and 95.9 per cent respondents are satisfied with the care provided by the government.


Government’s rapid response to the pandemic garnered support of 93.5 per cent of respondent and 91.5 per cent happy with the transparency in information provided by the government and the UAE society's confidence in the government overcoming the pandemic is 94 per cent.

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