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Undercover police arrest four Africans trying to sell fake $3 million in Dubai


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes. File/ AFP

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a gang of 4 African to the Dubai Criminal Court on charges of possessing fake $3 million and trying to sell them at a lower price.

The case dated back to July when the police received a tip-off that an African gang was trying to sell fake American banknotes and looking for a buyer.

According to the statement of a policeman, an investigation team set a trap to lure the gang member and convincing them that there was a person interested in buying the full amount. The policeman added that an agreement was reached with the gang on the place of delivery.


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When the undercover agent met with the gang members and made sure that the fake money was in their possession, he gave a signal to his colleagues, who arrested the gang members.

The defendants confessed to attempting to sell bundles of counterfeit dollars to a person interested in buying them by UAE currency.

The first defendant confessed to having arrived in the UAE on a visit visa in 2019 and to attempting to sell counterfeit $3 million to a person for Dhs2 million, while the fourth defendant confessed that he was a friend of the other defendants and that the first defendant promised to give him Dhs1,000 in return for his assistance in the fraud.

The court ordered that the defendants continue to be remanded in custody pending prosecution.

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