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Dubai separates infectious disease clinics from specialised medical clinics


Humaid Al Qutami inspects a clinic in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced the separation of all clinics known medically and internationally as fever clinics or infectious disease clinics in its primary health care centres from other specialised medical clinics, in order to strengthen the prevention system adopted by the Authority to combat communicable diseases and epidemics.


The move aims to provide a safe health care journey for patients across all facilities.


Humaid Al Qutami, director general of DHA, also added the Al Mizhar, Al Safa and Al Mamzhar clinics will no longer accept patients at the Fever Clinic and patients are redirected to go to the other DHA primary healthcare centres instead if they get a fever or develop any infectious disease symptoms.


The Authority's actions in this regard were undertaken to ensure the safety and health of patients who visit DHA’s primary healthcare centres especially the elderly, children, pregnant women, People of Determination and patients with chronic diseases.


Upon inspecting the Al Mizhar Health Centre on Monday morning, Al Qutami highlighted that the Authority pays great importance to the safety of patients in its medical facilities (hospitals, centres and clinics) and that the Authority is continuously working to improve patients’ journey, in accordance with the highest standards of health prevention and protection and in line with internationally recognised standards of care.


He added that DHA has paid great emphasis to the development of primary healthcare centres as they provide frontline healthcare. The centres are located across different areas in the Emirate to ensure patients have easy access to high-quality specialised health care. He added that primary healthcare centres also provide preventive and consistent medical care services for community members.


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