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Africans impersonate police officers and rob man in Dubai


Picture used used for illustrative purpose only.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


The Dubai Public Prosecution referred three African men to criminal court, for impersonating police officers and assaulting and robbing a man in Dubai.


On the day of the incident, the victim was roaming in gold souq when he was interrupted by two of the defendants who asked him to pay Dhs1,800 for traffic violations that he committed while using one of the defendant’s vehicle.


The victim asked for a proof of the traffic violations, but the defendants stood silent then began to threaten the victim if he did not pay the money.


The first defendant‘ a wife was around the scene when she saw her husband and accomplice standing with the victim, and decided to approach them and slap the victim and assault him.


She then grabbed his Dhs3,500 worth hand watch and fled the scene.


Before leaving, the third defendant claimed that he was a police officer and showed a card of a government institute logo to the victim.


A police report was filed against the three of them, and police successfully identified and apprehended the defendants to be prosecuted for committing multiple crimes.


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