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Woman fined Dhs10,000 for organising party in Dubai

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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


A female interior designer was given a Dhs10,000 fine by Dubai Police for organising a house party without any concern to COVID-19 precautionary measures and public safety.


The photos and videos of party was posted on social media platforms.


A media group and an Arab artist were among the the invitees.


Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, Director of Criminal Investigation Department, said that the woman was summoned after party's video went viral, and the fine was issued to her for violating precautionary measure put in place by the authorities.


Moreover, the list of precautionary measures violations states that a fine of Dhs10,000 will be issued for all violators who organise gatherings, meetings, private or public parties.


Dubai Police revealed that they have also summoned the media representatives and the Arab artist who attended the party, in order to receive a fine of Dhs5,000 each for taking part in such gathering and violating safety precautions.


Brigadier Al Jallaf confirmed that Dubai Police will not tolerate any committed violation regarding COVID-19 safety measures, which are set to protect all community members across UAE.


Lastly, police emphasised on the importance of applying safety regulations and maintaining social distancing, as well as avoiding the organising of parties and gathering which contribute in the spread of the virus.


Dubai police also urged all society members to report any violation of COVID-19 precautionary measures, by contacting the toll-free number 901, or through the online police service “Police Eye.”

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