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VIDEO: Horse airlifted from ravine in California


Lola airlifted to safety by Orange County Fire Authority teams.

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In an unfortunate incident, a horse fell down a ravine in Caspers Park in the Rancho Mission Viejo, California.

The Orange County Fire Authority technical rescue team members and helicopter were able to save Lola, an 8-year-old horse after she fell approximately 60 feet down a ravine in Caspers Park. 

Lola was reunited with her owner after being rescued by helicopter.

The Fire Authority said the call came in at 12:18 pm. The horse’s owner who had to jump off the horse as it was bucking before falling down the ravine was examined by paramedics on the scene and deemed to be un-injured.

The owner of the horse, Diana Johns shared  a lengthy statement. 

Diana said on Facebook, “Today, I have a lot to share with you, and fortunately, it had a happy ending.

“A friend and I set off to ride at the Caspers Regional Park.

“All started well, then we took a turn to go up the mountain in a narrow trail.

Horse-lift-750 Authorities tend to Lola after the rescue operation.

“Almost at the top, I realised that my Peruvian saddle was loose (they are not endurance saddles) and considered stopping and getting off to adjust it.

“At this point, my mare Lola got very nervous and while I was trying to dismount carefully, she spooked and turn the other way, falling in the very steep ravine, all the way down, some 40 metres down.

“When I got up and look for her, I couldn’t see her.

“I tried to go around back on the trail and venture through the bushes, cactus and rocks, but couldn’t find her.

Eventually my friend shouted from the top saying that she could see her!

She called for help to the Park Rangers and Search and Rescue. There was no way to get down and get her out!

Soon we got the help in the sky: the helicopter came with search and rescue staff, and they also brought my vet, Andi Lytal, to tranquilise my mare.

“I was told to walk back to the parking area and wait there, that the helicopter would bring my horse back.”

Social media users praised the effort of the authorities in dealing with the situation.

Kim Gerrard said, “Faith in humanity is restored at a time when we sorely need it.”

Kellie Davidson said, “Thank you OCFA for saving her and being so careful!! I saw Lola last night and she was standing up (though a bit sore from the fall) munching on some hay in her stall.”

A Twitter user with the name M8IN4 said, “I'm curious who pays for airlifting a horse.”

Some users made sarcastic remarks. 

Phillip J. Stevens said, “Pretty amazing.  Normally I only see them extracting mountain bikers with broken collarbones.”

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