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Duo jailed for kidnapping and holding man hostage in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter



The Dubai Public Prosecution referred two African men to the criminal court, for kidnapping a man, holding him hostage and brutally beating him up in Dubai.


Official records indicate that the two defendants had planned the kidnapping of the victim due to an ongoing family dispute in their home country.

The defendant testified that due to the ongoing family dispute, he had received a clear threat that his brother would be killed, and accordingly he began to plan the kidnapping of the victim.

The two defendants got the help of two other runaway accomplices to arrange a vehicle and kidnap the victim. Afterwards, the gang attacked the victim’s residence and forced him to accompany them.

They drove him to a different location, tied him up, and brutally beat him up for information about the ongoing dispute.

The defendants also recorded the assault and tortured the victim with burning cigarette stubs, then sent the record to his family abroad.

The victim was held hostage for six continuous hours, then left in the room tied up while the defendants fled the scene.

The defendants were later arrested and prosecuted, and are now facing kidnapping and assault charges for their action.




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