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ICA issues more than four million new visas


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Emadeddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) revealed that it had issued more than 4.433 million new entry visas since the beginning of 2020. In addition, it changed the status of 2,894 visas and extended 395,809 visas during the same period.

It issued 68,720 establishment cards during the past two years with 39,081 in 2019 and 29,639 in 2018. Moreover, ICA issued new 27,137 trade licences during 2020 and changed the status of 103,077 establishments. It further renewed 16,708 trade licences, made 4,409 additional modifications for establishment cards and issued new 925 PRO cards.

The ICA determined three steps on its website to issue an entry permit: registration and signing up, submitting a request and paying the fees, and receiving the permit. The transaction takes 48 hours, the ICA said. 

The Authority indicated that there are documents required to obtain the service, according to the types of entry permits: residence, long visit, short visit, employment, treatment and escorts for treatment.

On the other hand, the grace period granted by the ICA for holders of expiring entry visas in the UAE ended on Friday.

Earlier, the Authority issued a decision last month for the holders of entry permits that expired after the first of last March granting them a grace period of an additional period, from 11 / 8/2020 to 11/9/2020, to leave the country with exemption from all fines incurred during this period.

Visitors of expired visas must leave the country, if they are unable to change their status, as violators will face fines for each day of delay, the ICA said, calling upon holders of expired entry permits to hasten ratifying their status, within the prescribed period, in order to be allowed returning to the UAE.

An earlier report said the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, ICA, issued a decision to extend the deadline for holders of expired entry permits and visas from 11th August, 2020, for one month, to enable them to leave the country and exempt them from all resulting fines.

The authority’s decision is part of the national initiatives launched by the UAE and is in implementation of the UAE Cabinet’s related decisions and regulations of entry and residency of foreigners.

The ICA urged those eligible to leave the country within the set deadline, which will help facilitate their return to the UAE.

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