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Asian arrested for molesting woman while exercising in Dubai

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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 40-year-old Asian worker was arrested and referred to criminal court for sexually assaulting a woman while she was exercising in Dubai.

The arresting officer testified that they had received a call about a sexual harassment incident, and accordingly, a police patrol rushed to the scene to investigate the situation.

When police arrived, the victim was in a hysterical state of mind, and officers tried to calm her down before going into details of the assault.

The victim informed them that she was approached by the drunk defendant while exercising, and he began to harass her and said, "you are beautiful and fit.”

Suddenly, the defendant groped her, and when she began to scream, he immediately fled the scene.


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Police combed the area looking for the defendant, and successfully apprehended a man with the same descriptions.

The victim confirmed the identity of the apprehended man, and upon that, he was arrested and prosecuted.

The defendant attempted to defend his action by saying he was only admiring the victim’s beauty and her fit body, then apologised for the harassment he committed.

Last month, a 33-year-old Asian was arrested and referred to the criminal court for molesting an 8-year-old girl in a Dubai sharing house.

The little girl’s mother testified that, on the day of the incident, she asked her hungry daughter to head to the main kitchen and grab some food.

The mother noticed that the defendant went into the kitchen at the same time. When she asked the defendant about the reason he went to the kitchen, the man seemed to be under the influence of alcohol and immediately apologised.

The worried mother noticed that her daughter was nervous, and asked her if the defendant interacted with her by any means, but the scared girl claimed that he did not.

Half an hour later, the mother asked her daughter again to find out that the defendant had approached the girl and molested her.

She immediately informed her husband, who in his turn reported the incident to police. The family asked their daughter whether the defendant approached her at any time before the current incident, and the girl revealed that he also molested her while she was playing at the house’s backyard.

When police arrived, the defendant pretended to be asleep, and seemed to be very drunk while being arrested.

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