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Abu Dhabi dispels doubts of worried residents over entry procedures


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The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for the COVID-19 Pandemic posted clarifications to questions and inquiries received regarding the latest measures announced for entering Abu Dhabi emirate on social media platforms.


The Committee said, “We appreciate everyone’s high level of engagement, their adherence to directives, and their commitment to preventative measures for the community’s safety.”


Among the common questions regarding the resolution was “What are the tests required to enter Abu Dhabi based on these new procedures?” 


The Committee answered that PCR or DPI laser test within 48 hours from receiving negative results.


Replying to the FAQ (When entering Abu Dhabi, is it mandatory to undergo a new test after 6 days?), the Committee said that Abu Dhabi residents or visitors from outside the emirate who enter Abu Dhabi and stay for 6 consecutive days or more are required to do another PCR test on the sixth day, for one time only, regardless of how long they will stay in Abu Dhabi.


“Why must the PCR test be repeated on the 6th day while in the emirate of Abu Dhabi?” this is another FAQ to which the Committee commented, “According to scientific studies, the probability of detecting the virus is high halfway through the incubation period of an infected person. This measure aims at early detection of cases in their preliminary stages and preventing the spread of infection among members of the community.”


Earlier the same day, the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee, announced updated procedures for entering the Emirate that come in line with the efforts to expand testing for the early detection of COVID-19 infections.


The Committee said that starting from Saturday (Sept.5), residents and visitors can enter the emirate of Abu Dhabi within 48 hours of receiving a negative PCR or DPI test result. DPI test results no longer require a prior PCR test, the Committee confirmed.


“Residents and visitors who stay for six consecutive days or more within Abu Dhabi emirate must now take a PCR test on the sixth day of each visit, in order to protect the health and safety of the community,” it added.


The Committee also said the volunteers in the COVID-19 vaccine trials are exempted from these measures and are authorised to use emergency vehicle lanes for a smooth journey emphasising that violating those procedures would result in penalties and fines as outlined by the Attorney General.

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