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Health Ministry launches E-service authorising health facilities to dispose of pharmaceutical products as medical waste


The service helps bolster MoHAP’s strategy to provide fair, comprehensive and innovative healthcare to residents.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, has recently launched an E-service to dispose of expired and unusable medical and pharmaceutical products including controlled and uncontrolled medicines, in a proper way and as medical waste.

Aiming to enhance societal health and environmental safety, and implement precautionary measures and physical distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19 disease, the service comes as part of a host of e-services, to enhance and innovate smart solutions, and commit to implement quality systems, contributing to developing programmes and plans tailored to boost the efficiency of the health system.


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The service is accessible all the time through smartphones, where the owners and employees of health and pharmaceutical institutions can easily submit the form, and with the possibility of saving all records and documents.

Those who are wishing to use the service can visit the following link:

Dr Hessa Ali Mubarak, Director of Health Empowerment and Compliance Department, explained that the service comes within the framework of the smart and E-transformation of regulatory and supervisory services on health facilities and pharmacies. This would help bolster MoHAP’s strategy to provide fair, comprehensive, and innovative healthcare services as per international standards, through sophisticated and integrated health legislation that entrenches the development of distinctive services for the health sector.

Drug categories

“The service includes 5 categories, including uncontrolled medicines that are imported by a local agent, the controlled medicines of the second group listed in the Ministry’s resolution No. 888 of 2016, which are traded and imported by a local agent and distributed to licensed pharmacies and medical warehouses, medicines and drugs which are imported by MoHAP’s licensed warehouses according to a purchase order by public or private hospitals, all the pharmaceutical raw materials, drugs medicines and nutritional supplements that are prescribed by medical prescription ,” Dr. Hessa elaborated.

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