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Video of ‘idle crocodile’ tamers falling into water goes viral


A videograb shows the tamer with the crocodile.

Sakeena Banday, Staff Reporter

Have you ever wonder what it is like to tame a croc?

A crocodile show in Thailand took a frightening turn while performers attempted to impress tourists - but what went wrong was far from what you might think, as this viral video proves.

This hilarious video has been doing rounds on social media of a tamer putting a balloon in a crocodile’s mouth to entertain people around.

The incident is believed to have taken place at the Crocodile Farm and Sea Aquarium in Phuket. In the video four people including a host are seen around the crocodile performing a dangerous stunt to keep people around entertained.

In the clip one of the man standing by slips and falls into the murky pool. Everyone around gets scared including the person stuffing balloon inside the crocodile’s mouth thinking another croc has attacked them. It seems the performers themselves believed the man was under attack from a submerged croc.

They all try to run and the fallen man hastily scrambles to his feet to get away-- but it wasn’t the reptile’s fault

But in reality, he clearly had just slipped and no real harm had come to him.

In Thailand such dangerous acts have been turned into business to attract tourists.

Crocodile skin is primarily used in the production of handbags and other luxury items such as shoes, belts, wallets, upholstery, and furniture.

Recently a Hermès bag has set the world record for most expensive handbag - selling for a grand total of £230,000 ($300,000) made of crocs skin.

The extremely rare Hermès Diamond Himalaya Birkin 25 is made of the skin of the Niloticus crocodile found in Africa and is covered in 18k white gold and diamond hardware.

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