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Man kills a person and stabs another while resisting sexual advances in Sharjah


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Amir Al Sonny, Staff Reporter

The Criminal Court in Kalba, Sharjah, on Thursday postponed a case in which a Gulf national was accused of murdering a person and stabbing another at a farm locating in Kalba.

The crime took place when the victim attempted to sexually assault the accused.

The latter reportedly befriended the first victim and went out together in the latter’s car for leisure.

They then met another person who was said to be a friend of the victim.

The three sat in the car and continued chatting before the second one suggested they go over to his farm to spend some time there.


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When they arrived at the farm, the first victim started to ask the accused to have physical relation with him, but he refused, before they threatened to beat him up if he did not obey them. They also showed him videos of them doing such ugly acts with others.

The suspect pretended to agree to the act to get a chance to run away.

He planned to go into the Majlis room with the first victim, while the other waited outside.

After they entered the victim began to molest the accused, before the latter stabbed him with a knife that lay on a table in the room in an act of defence. He reportedly stabbed him 23 times, which led to his death, the Court heard on Thursday.

When the other one heard the cries of the first, he rushed to the room, where he found his friend dying due to the wounds in his body.

He managed to run away, but afterwards he was also stabbed. He called the police and the accused was arrested.

Accordingly, the latter was referred to the Court over the charge of deliberate murder and attempted murder. He was also considered a victim in the case.

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