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Abu Dhabi court upholds appeal on Dhs3 million company fine


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Emadueddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation has upheld an appeal which fined a company Dhs3 million on charges of employing 60 workers not under its sponsorship.

The company was charged with employing 60 foreigners not on its sponsorship and the Public Prosecution demanded it be punished according to the articles of the Federal Penal Code.

The Court of First Instance fined the company Dhs3 million which the company appealed against and the appellate court accepted the appeal.

The company appealed again ruling before the Court of Cassation that rejected the appeal confirming that using a foreigner who is on another’s sponsorship is a crime and it is not permissible to use him until after fulfilling the legal conditions of transfer and taking the legal procedures.

Recently, the Dubai Criminal Court heard the first session of a case involving an Arab, 30, charged with assaulting policemen and abusing drugs.

As per case details, in February, a Dubai Police’s patrol suspected a man sitting in a vehicle parked by the side of the street.

In court a lieutenant testified the defendant refused to get out of his vehicle and show his documents when ordered. Not only that, the defendant also insulted the lieutenant and attempted to run away from the patrol.

He further abused patrol team members physically and verbally but was later bought under control and taken to the police station.

The forensic test has revealed the defendant had abused narcotics psychotropic substances.

The court ordered that he remained in custody pending further investigations.

Earlier, the Sharjah Criminal Court adjourned the case ruling of two African suspects, who allegedly assaulted an Asian man, and stole his money and ATM card. The arresting officer testified that a report was filed by the victim, stating that he was attacked and robbed by two African males. Accordingly, the officer and his team were assigned to investigate the location of the robbery and apprehend the suspects.

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