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Adek facility for staff of private schools in Abu Dhabi


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Iman Surour, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek) has decided to exempt employees and workers of private schools in Abu Dhabi from returning to the schools for which they work, at the beginning of the new academic year, provided that they present a medical certificate proving a medical excuse after coordination with the school administration.

The Adek added it was preferable to benefit from the services of administrative staff who provide distance education programmes to students at home.

The department has also exempted new employees and workers in the education sector returning to the UAE, in compliance with the 14-day quarantine period, as the department will communicate with school administrations to notify them of the new updates and details.

Adek also highlighted the policy concerning staff with medical conditions.

Adek said school staff shall attend the full workday as per the school’s calendar in accordance with the official contracted work hours.

Upon consultation and agreement with the school, the continuation of remote work for certain staff may be necessary for health reasons. Staff with any high-risk health conditions must submit a medical certificate attesting the medical condition.

The Adek notified that private schools should be prepared to continue the distance education system, indicating that some students will not be able to return to school, either temporarily or permanently, for health and other reasons.

“Later, a detailed schedule, detailed procedures, and the number of times of the Covid 19 examination that teachers need will be announced, in coordination with the competent authorities. The school is not responsible for the costs of these examinations,” the Adek pointed out.

Recently, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek) issued holistic guidelines to reopen private schools with safety measures in place for the new academic year.

Adek has worked extensively over the last few months with schools, parent representatives, teachers and the relevant authorities to make these policies as comprehensive as possible. The policies are framed around four main dimensions: Safe operations, teaching and learning, staff and student wellbeing, and community support.

The Safe Operations Dimension lays out procedures aimed at ensuring safety in every aspect of a school’s operations.  Teaching and Learning instructs schools on how to adopt social distancing processes and other safety measures without jeopardising the overarching academic mission.

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