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VIDEO: Elderly lady plays piano amidst the rubble of her home in blast-hit Beirut


A combo image shows the lady playing the piano in her destroyed home.

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A video of a woman playing piano amidst the rubble of her destroyed home in Beirut city is doing the rounds on social media platforms.


The two enormous explosions left over 100 dead and 4,000 injured, with bodies buried in the rubble.


Joey Ayoub, a writer, shared the video and said, “Woman plays Robert Burns' Auld Lang Syne on the piano in her destroyed home in Beirut.”


A social group called “Whatsuplebanon,” also shared the video and said, “I am simply out of words... May God bless all those people who lost their lives, family's that lost their homes and all the good people around the world that are standing with the people!!!!”


Lebanese author and activist Najwa Zebian said on Twitter, “This woman playing the piano in the midst of the rubble in Lebanon reminded me of the scene in Titanic when the band plays music calmly while the ship is sinking. Hope. Hope. Hope. Hope in the middle of the ashes. #lebanon #beirut”


The scene in the capital was grim.


Heritage buildings, trendy bars and hip art galleries, all gutted: the vibrant Mar Mikhail district, once one of Beirut's gems, is now a wasteland of broken glass and destroyed cars.


A short walk from Lebanon's main port, where a huge blast on Tuesday flattened buildings and killed more than 100 people, the bustling nightlife hotspot was among the hardest-hit areas.


Today it is unrecognisable even to those who grew up there.


Ambulances still carried away the wounded as army helicopters helped battle fires raging at the port.


The deadly blasts struck at a time when Lebanon's currency has plummeted against the dollar, businesses have closed en masse and poverty has soared at the same alarming rate as unemployment.


Emergency medical aid and pop-up field hospitals were dispatched to Lebanon Wednesday along with rescue experts and tracking dogs, as the world reached out to the victims of the explosion that devastated Beirut.

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