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Take your COVID-19 antibody test for just Dhs200 in Dubai


Thumbay Labs can conduct 4,000 COVID-19 antibody tests per day. Supplied photo

A great relief for residents of Dubai, as Thumbay Labs — the UAE’s foremost private diagnostic referral laboratory network — has launched the most affordable and accurate COVID-19 antibody test for only Dhs200. Get your results in person or by email in a record three hours’ time.

Its authorised by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the COVID-19 antibody test can be availed by all UAE residents, businesses, tourists etc., exclusively at Thumbay Hospital, located near Stadium Metro Station in Al Qusais, Dubai.

The test will be done on fully automated and highly sophisticated system using the Electro-chemiluminescence immunoassay (ECLIA) method that uses plasma, or serum samples.

The COVID-19 antibody test is recommended to know infection status in individuals who may have had mild or no symptoms. It will be invaluable to determine the infection prevalence in high-risk people, such as frontline workers engaged in healthcare, retail, essential services, schools, companies, law enforcement, areas with high concentration such as labour camps, ships, taxi & bus drivers, security guards, meat factories, oil field – offshore workers, etc. In these cases, it will not only determine previous infection status, but can also be used to give them infection clearance and allow them to return to work.

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