VIDEO: Indian woman runs after bus to help visually impaired old man board it - GulfToday

VIDEO: Indian woman runs after bus to help visually impaired old man board it


A combo image shows the woman helping visually impaired old man.

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Kindness knows no boundaries or race. It is just an act that comes naturally to any sane person with a heart.

A young Kerala woman has shown that humanity still exists, going by her noble act.

A video of the woman is doing the rounds on social media helping a visually impaired old man board a bus.

The clip is blowing up the Internet. Local media has identified the woman as Supriya.

Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma shared the clip and wrote, “An act of kindness with no cameras around. Faith in humanity restored…”

Supriya is a native of Thiruvalla, in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala.

She is an employee of Jolly Silks.


It was her regular day. She was waiting for her husband when she saw the visually impaired man missing the bus.

She did not waste a single second. Supriya ran after the bus until the bus conductor asked the driver to stop the vehicle.

The brave lady explained to the conductor of the situation and ran back to the old man.


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Supriya held the man’s hand and helped him navigate his way to the bus.

The kind act of Supriya made everyone reaffirm their faith in humanity.

Celebrities, news anchors and dailies have done reports on the little act of kindness. 

A young man from a nearby building recorded the entire video, and we are thankful to him that he captured the best moments.

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