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VIDEO: Child interrupts mother's BBC live interview

BBC interview 1

"What is his name?" scarlet asked as she interrupted her mother's BBC interview.

Gulf Today Report.


A small child has interrupted a live BBC interview in scenes which have resonated with parents working at home during the pandemic.


Dr Clare Wenham, a global health policy expert from the London School of Economics was on live, speaking to the BBC broadcasters about coronavirus lockdown when her young daughter interrupted.




Scarlett, as the child is called, appeared in the background trying to decide on where a piece of art should be displayed.  


BBC News presenter Christain Fraser addressed Scarlett directly, telling her: “I think it looks better on the lower shelf and it’s a lovely unicorn.”

After the newsreader’s input, Scarlett then begins to ask Dr Wenham: “What’s his name? What’s his name mummy?”


BBC interview 2

Dr Wenham sharing a laugh with the reporter after her daughter interrupted an interview. 


The mother gently shushes her daughter as Fraser says “do stop me if you need to crack on,” before telling the girl: “My name is Christian.”

“Christian,” Scarlett repeats, before adding: “I’m just deciding where it can go. Where mummy wants it to go. Mummy where do you want it to go?”


Dr Wenham agrees the artwork would look great on the shelf and apologises to the interviewer as they both share a laugh.


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