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VIDEO: Family rescues bear after its head gets stuck in plastic jar in Wisconsin


A screengrab from the video showing the family lends a helping hand to the struggling bear.

Sakeena Banday, Gulf Today

A Wisconsin family rescued a swimming bear after they found it was struggling with a plastic jar stuck on its head in the middle of the Marshmiller Lake near Bloomer.

Brian, Tricia and Brady Hurt were fishing in Northern Wisconsin when they spotted this bear with a plastic container stuck over his head.

The distressed bear could hardly keep its head above water as it struggled to free its head from the plastic container.

Bear-rescue-1 A screengrab of the baby bear with the plastic container stuck on his head.

Tricia Hurt filmed the video as her husband try to rescue the struggling bear for life.

After several attempts finally getting close to it the plastic container was removed off his head and the family screamed with joy.

“You saved our little bear. Swim happy,” said Tricia Hurt at the end of the clip.

Brian Hurt told local media, "Once I got it off you could really tell the difference, because, it was like, it could get proper air at that point."

After their help the bear swam back to the shore safely.

This is a result of how humans impact the watery habitat.

More than 70% of marine life gets affected due to the water pollution. The plastic and other toxic substances dumped into the water pose a threat to marine life. It has a deadly effect on the wildlife.

Our ocean and the array of species that call it home succumbing to the poison of plastic.

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