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Ministry of Education sets travel rules for its staff

Dearth of school teachers

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Mohamed Ibrahim, Staff Reporter

In line with the government directives to curb the spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Education has recently adopted regulations and requirements for travel outside the country for its cadres from citizens and residents during the summer vacation.

In a circular issued in this regard, the Ministry obligated all its cadres willing to travel during the summer vacation to bear all costs of travelling procedures and requirements, without bearing any costs related to “checks and pre-registration of travel”.

The Ministry has also asserted it would not provide the international health insurance for the travellers, which is one of the key conditions to travel outside the country.

“When returning, they will bear the quarantine expenses in case the result is positive, moreover, they must adhere to the 14-day-quarantine as specified by the country,” the Ministry added.

The Ministry also said, “All staff must be available in the country two weeks at least before the beginning of the training for teachers, and any who fails to abide by that may face suspension of his/her contract. Furthermore, all those who wish to travel outside the country during the summer vacation must inform the personnel.”

It has also classified the countries targeted for travel in two groups:

Group A of low risk, which includes 42 countries, and group B of medium risk, which includes 14 countries.

 “All employees from citizens and residents are allowed to travel to any country within the group A of low-risk countries, while they are completely prohibited from travelling to the countries within the category of high-risk countries,” the Ministry confirmed.  

There will be restrictions for travelling to the countries of the group B “medium risk”. It is allowed only in emergency cases, for necessary health treatment, visiting relatives of the first degree, and for military, diplomatic and official missions, the Ministry added.

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