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90,000 Indians and 60,000 Pakistanis repatriated from UAE through special flights


Consul General Ahmed Amjad Ali interacts with Pakistani passengers at Dubai Airport. File

Mohamed Alaa, Staff Reporter

The embassies of India and Pakistan in the UAE confirmed returning of 150,000 citizens of the two countries, with 90,000 Indians and 60,000 Pakistanis through special repatriation flights.

Those were among who earlier registered on the website provided by the two embassies to return their homeland out of a total of 450,000 Indians and 80,000 Pakistanis.

The rest is expected to travel naturally through a number of flights between the UAE and the two countries.

As for the residents willing to return to the UAE shall abide by the new guidelines determined by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship starting from July 1.

For residents returning from countries, which do not have accredited laboratories, COVID-19 tests will be conducted upon arrival back into the UAE and residents will be directed to complete quarantine guidelines for a period of 14 days (either at home or in an institution if their homes are not adequate). All costs for quarantining and medical assistance, whether at home or in another designated facility will be at the cost of the individual primarily.

In certain circumstances, the companies at which these returning individuals are employed shall need to bear all costs related to the medical examination and quarantine.

All returning residents must complete a COVID-19 pre-examination at an accredited laboratory. As part of the first phase, accredited laboratories are currently found in 106 cities across 17 countries worldwide.

Preparations are ongoing for additional countries and cities to be added in the next few days and will be announced as part of the second and third phases. More information about the list of accredited laboratories can be found on: smartservices.ica.gov.ae

Without a valid negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of take-off, individuals will not be permitted to board the aircraft. The accredited laboratories are aware of the time constraints and will deliver results digitally, the Committee confirmed.

All returning residents will also be required to download a certified app, which will allow resident to be monitored whilst in quarantine and to monitor their health status for the safety of society. The UAE will continue its intensive efforts to combat COVID-19, both in the country and abroad, in order to serve the citizens and residents of the nation.

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