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Hefty fines for violators of virus guidelines


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The UAE at the weekend announced hefty fines for violators of guidelines such as Dhs3,000 for drivers violating occupancy rule, Dhs3,000  for an individual not wearing a mask inside a car, Dhs3,000 for being in a private car with 3 or more passengers, Dhs3,000 for not implementing social distancing.

The fine for not implementing social distancing in malls, retail outlets, coffee shops, public pools and gyms could go up to Dhs5,000. Those refusing to undergo COVID-19 tests will be punished with Dhs5,000.

Those found hosting gatherings could be punished with a Dhs10,000 fine and those who attend such an event could be fined Dhs5,000.  The fine for refusing to download the coronavirus-related smart app could be up to Dhs10,000 and Dhs20,000 for hacking the app or editing its software.

Dhs20,000 for copying, publishing and leading health data of patients and Dhs5,000 for violation of preventive measures by passengers arriving in the UAE.

A fine of up to Dhs50,000 for those who reject the home or a private facility quarantine.

A Dhs100,000 fine and jail term, not exceeding six months, for serious violations was announced by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Dubai Customs’ offices resumed work at 100 per cent capacity with intensified precautionary measures to ensure safety from COVID-19. This follows the government directives of gradual return to offices which Dubai Customs started from June 14.

The last two weeks saw the Government Department’s staff return gradually to their offices following a shift routine where half of the employees worked from home and the rest from the office while maintaining social distancing and other measures.

The procedure considered certain exceptions for some categories including the elderly, those with chronic diseases, pregnant female employees and mothers who have children at school at grade nine and below.

An online awareness campaign preceded this step in which employees were given full guidance on social distancing and hygiene, and how to use protective gear.

Aman (safety) Station was one of the innovations that Dubai Customs incorporated in its back to office plan.

The station is equipped with a number of devices including thermal cameras which operate automatically when spotting any rise in temperature. It also features masks, sanitisers and a smart screen to display awareness information.


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