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Dubai couple's murderer caught in less than 24 hours


The suspect.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai Police arrested an Asian murderer who had stabbed a man and his wife after robbing their villa in Dubai. The man was taken into custody in less than 24 hours from receiving a report to this effect.

The killer previously worked in the villa with the maintenance company he used to work for.

According to Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, the safety of Emiratis and expatriates is a red line that can by no means be crossed.

He stressed that protecting the members of society tops the priorities of Dubai Police, which would not spare any effort to catch those who seek to violate the law, intimidate people or commit any crime whatsoever.

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, Director of Criminal Investigation Department, stated that a report was received from an Asian girl in which she cried for help as an anonymous man had broken into a villa in Dubai and stabbed her parents with a knife.

Jamal Salem Al Jalaf-1-750x450 Jamal Salem Al Jallaf

He pointed out that Dubai Police patrols, forensic experts and investigation officers rushed to the crime scene, which was found to be a two-storey villa inhabited by an Asian family of 4 members: an Asian man, who worked as a CEO of a company, his Asian wife and their two daughters, 18 and 13 years of age, he said.

Following intensive investigations, an anonymous man was found to have climbed the back wall of the villa and entered it through the balcony door, which was not tightly closed, he added.

The family members were asleep and the perpetrator noticed a wallet containing Dhs2,000, which he took before going to the upper floor to enter the main room where the husband and wife were sleeping, to look for more money and jewels, he said.

While searching the room, however, the husband woke up but the perpetrator stabbed him and his screams caused his wife to wake up. She was also stabbed, he said.

The perpetrator continued to stab the husband and his wife to silence them completely, he added, noting that by this time the eldest daughter woke up and went to her parents’ room to see her father and mother covered with blood.

The perpetrator was going out of the villa with the knife in his hand when he was seen by the daughter and consequently he attacked her and stabbed her in the neck, causing a superficial wound to her before he ran away, he said.

Al Jallaf pointed out that while combing the crime scene, the knife was found around one kilometre away and was taken by the forensic evidence experts for any biological traces.

More investigations led an Asian living in a neighbouring emirate to be under suspicion and consequently a tight trap was set for the suspect who was arrested in less than 24 hours.

The suspect confessed to the murder after planning to rob the villa. He said he bought a knife on the same day he committed the murder from an area far from his place of residence in an attempt not to be under suspicion. 

Around a year ago, he used to work for a maintenance company, which was carrying out maintenance work in the victims’ villa, the accused said, adding that one day he saw a large sum of money near a table, which prompted him to break into the villa and rob it.

Major General Khaleel Ibrahim Al-Mansouri, Assistant Commander in Chief for Criminal Research Affairs, said that the work of the criminal investigation team in the incident was professional from receiving the report until the perpetrator was caught, as he was taken into custody in less than 24 hours after receiving the report, indicating the high professionalism and speed of response of the men.

The Research and investigation team used the latest technology, smart systems and artificial intelligence technologies in tracing the culprit.

The smart technology gives the ability to deal with all events at all times with extreme accuracy and high professionalism, and enables the authorities to arrest all those who are tempted to do wrong.

Colonel Adel Al-Joker, Assistant Director-General for Criminal Research Affairs, explained that after the arrest of the culprit, he confessed to committing the crime, and said that he purchased the knife on the day of the crime from an area far from his residence, in an attempt to evade suspicions.

Colonel Al-Joker called on members of the public and families to make sure that all the entrances to their houses must closed properly, and to use surveillance cameras.

He urged them not to exchange money or valuable belongings in front of strangers to protect themselves from criminals.


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