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Al Ain Zoo provides veterinary care to more than 4,000 animals


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Al Ain Zoo is providing veterinary care to more than 4,000 animals, and it is distributed among 172 species of birds and wild animals.

The veterinary team follows a different approach to rescue endangered animals as it is monitored regularly to prevent health complications instead of treating them only in the event when occur.

"The integrated veterinary system owned by the zoo saved a lot of time and effort by facilitating the steps of examining and treating animals according to the best practices over the world in wild animal’s field," said Dr. Arshad Haroon Toosy, Manager Veterinary Services at Al Ain Zoo.

He added that with the presence of an integrated veterinary team of veterinary doctors and technicians specialising in the fields of wildlife care as well as comprehensive services, they have created greater guarantees for the accuracy of treatment, facilitating monitoring and matching results to the presence of the laboratory and the sick animal in one place."


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The veterinary clinic in the Zoo includes a mobile x-ray, imaging machine, hand base machine for the teeth, an ultrasound endoscopy, a pharmacy and drug stores, and special equipment for inhalation anesthetic, including weapons that differ in animal and bird type, and predators such as black and light in motion such as deer need special equipment for anesthesia.

It also includes a centre for veterinary examinations and specialised research, which is the only one of its kind specialising in wildlife in the UAE, and conducts periodic examinations of all the different animals in the zoo in terms of biochemistry and, microbiology post-mortem, molecular biology.

There is another section in the clinic called Animal Health centre which provide a proper health supportive, medical care for a serious cases which needs more observation for a while. There are also a number of nurseries to care for newborn animals that are born prematurely or their condition calls for placing them under observation.

It provides a high stander nutrition programme for sick animals with specific veterinary standards. Veterinarians take a responsibility not only in health care of animals living in a Zoo, but also with arrangement for exchanging of animals between Zoos.

The physiology, sizes, and nature of wild animals different from one species to another, as the zoo made sure to provide 15 different species of accommodation for treatment within the permanent animal housing to ensure complete comfort to the animal during the treatment period, where the veterinary team is present throughout the week and in emergency cases to ensure the provision of the necessary care For the health of wild animals.

Al Ain Zoo provides services for wild animals by providing varied food, a suitable place in addition to the comprehensive health care provided by competent doctors and specialists in the field of animal care. It also works in partnerships with some of the world's leading environmental conservation groups, with the aim of conserving endangered wild species and resettling them in their natural habitats.


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