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UAE Health Ministry resumes all suspended health services


Holistic Healing Medical Centre in Jumeirah receives patients while adhering to strict health precautionary measures.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, has recently announced the gradual resumption of suspended health services in its health facilities starting from 21 June, explaining that all the services will be provided in a safe way to meet patients' needs in all specialities and at all service delivery points.

The move comes as part of enhancing the continuation of the governmental work while remaining committed to the precautionary measures to curb COVID-19 spread, and the strict and full implementation of the preventive measures that ensure the highest level of protection of patients, medical care, and customers.


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Parallel to service resumption, MoHAP has also issued the organisational guide for hospital services in accordance with the precautionary and preventive information in light of COVID-19 repercussions. This stems from MoHAP’s keenness to provide the highest health and safety standards as per the guidelines and instructions that would help organise work and protect employees and customers.


After being suspended to prevent the spread of infection, hospitals will be allowed to perform scheduled surgeries of an urgent medical condition according to certain conditions, in order to meet the patient’s needs.

Also, a number of specialised hospital services will resume again with the strict commitment to the preventive measures, however, the plastic surgery will remain suspended in all hospitals, except in urgent medical conditions.

Hospitals will be allowed to perform scheduled surgeries of an urgent medical condition according to certain conditions.

Based on the approved procedures and controls, the services of outpatient clinics will be restored in morning and evening shifts, based on scheduling systems and after confirming the appointments with customers.

The list of the resumed services includes; cardiology, pediatric, general surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, orthopedics, mental health services including psychiatric and social consultations and rehabilitation programmes for addiction patients, and other psychiatric and community psychiatry departments that serve different age groups such as adults, the elderly, children and, adolescents, while the ENT department (ear, nose, and throat) will continue to provide services for emergency cases.

Dr. Kalthoum Al Balushi, Director of the Hospitals Department, underlined that the decision on the resumption of the work has been made after having taken the necessary preparations and precautions, including enhancing the operational readiness, resources capacity supported with policies, procedures, and an organisation guide, with taking utmost precautions to maintain the safety and prevent infection of patients and medical cadres.

Al Balushi pointed to the full readiness of medical, nursing, and technical cadres to receive patients and to provide them with healthcare services according to approved standards, while the virtual and telemedicine services in all medical, nursing and supporting specialities will remain in place.

“The unlimited support of the wise leadership to the health sector with best potential and capabilities to contain COVID-19, as well as the promising field results in terms of the increased rate of recovery, make us confident in our ability to deal with all situations and emergencies that have already been considered,”

Concluding her remarks, Al Balushi thanked and appreciated the tremendous efforts of the front line of defence who gave us the greatest example of dedication and giving to safeguard society from the spread of COVID-19.

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