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Magnets removed from Bengaluru toddler's stomach


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Doctors at a private hospital in this tech city saved the life of a 2-year-old toddler by removing two magnets he swallowed inadvertently in May, an official said on Thursday.

"An x-ray of 2-year-old Nithya (name changed) on May 24 revealed that he swallowed 2 magnets while playing. One magnet was found in the stomach and another in the abdomen," said Sakara Hospital pediatric surgeon A.P. Lingegowda in a statement here.

Another x-ray on the following day revealed that the twin magnets were located in the boy's intestines, which could risk his life if not removed at the earliest.

"Nithya was lucky as both the magnets were removed through laparoscopic surgery in time, which was first of its case in our hospital," said the surgeon.

The magnets were small (6mm) but powerful. Delaying treatment can cause suffering.

"As kids are curious and tend to put whatever they find in mouth, it is important to keep small objects away from their reach," said Lingegowda.

Though a single magnet can come out on own, two magnets can attract each other and remain stuck in the body, posing life threat, said the statement.

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