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Sharjah steps up campaign to protect residents from virus


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Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

Sharjah has been continuing its relentless campaign against the Covid-19 epidemic taking the most stringent health measures and precautionary steps to protect the health and wellbeing of the residents.

According to a report by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau, the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection is making strenuous efforts in cooperation with the Sharjah government and the Sharjah Committee for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management. Working with the various Sharjah government institutions and departments, the Ministry of Health officials have deployed the best possible preventive measures and healthcare services to check the Coronavirus epidemic.

These efforts reinforce the efficiency of the healthcare system in the Emirate and follow the directives of the wise leadership to employ and exploit all resources and capabilities to protect the community health as it is the highest national priority now. These initiatives are also part of the efforts to constantly upgrade the healthcare infrastructure and capabilities in the Emirate in order to raise the performance levels and strike rate against disease.

Sharjah has taken a number of health measures expanding the base of emergency preparedness and qualitative response, building on the progress made by its active investigation operations and increasing the frequency of medical tests. It has done so with the collaboration of all government agencies in accordance with an integrated system of procedures that work to raise the preparedness level and respond effectively to challenges.

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection has worked based on a study and analysis of the health requirements of Sharjah as the largest human concentration in the northern Emirates and a major centre for the MoH services. As part of its emergency and crisis management plan, it has identified three dedicated primary healthcare centres -  Al Wasit Centre, Al Dhaid Centre, and Al Lulueyah Health Centre - to offer the family and community healthcare.

These centres operate 24 hours a day to receive emergency cases - both Covid-19 and other cases. These health centres have been mandated to follow up with those in contact with Covid 19 patients and conduct the necessary checks, in parallel with the intensification of awareness campaigns for public and employees working in primary health centres and hospitals in the Emirate in order to combat infection and maintain their safety.

With the active investigation campaigns in Sharjah able to detect the affected people, two major teams were formed to receive confirmed cases from various government and private entities - preventive medicine team and primary healthcare team.

A separate team has also been formed for the epidemiological investigation of cases, following up with contacts, conducting a survey to classify cases and coordinating isolation or institutional quarantine for them. The Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah and Khorfakkan Hospital have also been designated as hospitals dedicated to treat Covid 19 patients and coordinate with private hospitals in the Emirate to follow up on cases and verify their status by sending reports to the Ministry.

Taking advantage of the facilities provided by the Government of Sharjah, the Ministry of Health has set up the largest field hospital at the Expo Centre Sharjah with high operational capabilities under its supervision and with support from Kuwait Hospital in Dubai with 2000 beds, expandable up to 3000 beds, if necessary. The field hospital treats patients of the Covid-19 and is equipped with an intensive care unit, laboratory testing services and a mobile radiology device.

The field hospital boasts world-class doctors of various specialties as well as nurses and support staff, half of whom work remotely. There is a plan afoot to increase the staff and equipment according to the healthcare and logistical requirements of the field hospital.

A number of teams have been formed to follow up on the quarantine and isolation centres in the Emirate.  A number of hotels have been allocated for medical isolation in Sharjah.

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