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VIDEO: Karachi robbers hug victim, return his valuables


A video grab shows an interaction between the robbers and the victim.

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Karachiites have now something to brag about other than the punishing lockdown due to coronavirus that makes them feel like prisoners.

Pakistan’s social media has been abuzz with a video of an attempted robbery that turned into a touching charitable act.   

A video has been doing the rounds of the two young robbers.

A CCTV footage showed a food deliveryman finishing his delivery and moving towards his bike for the next assignment.

Then two men on a bike confront the man and hold him at gunpoint.

One of them takes away all his belongings and is planning to run away.

The CCTV footage shows an interaction between the robbers and the deliveryman, which prompt them to return all his values.

The deliveryman appears to be in tears, and the robbers are seen consoling him.

A frame also shows the robbers hugging and shaking the man’s hand as they leave the would-have-been crime scene.

The food deliveryman then takes his ride and vanishes from the scene.


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Netizens took turns to express their views on the incident.

S. Khan said, “Good-hearted thieves NOT like Nawaz and Zardari.”

Some even tried to find a rational outcome. Omar Baloch said, “No one is born criminal, it’s the system & environment which forced them into robbery & crimes.

“If #PakArmy sucks every penny from the budget and pushes the public into poverty, then this is what happens.

"If Pakistanis don’t wake up, their coming generations will never forgive them.”

N.Malik said, “This shows there conscience was at snooze not dead... like many of us... Appreciated. Thumbs up to the gesture...May everyone is guided to the right path...Ameen.”

Laaleen said, “These budding petty thieves are driven to it by poverty. The country has failed them and many others like them.”

Nasir Panezai said, “They are jobless younger fellows with kind heart, looking for pocket money, they are not professional snatchers else scenario would have been different…”

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