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Pakistan seals off nearly 1,300 hot spots amid virus surge


4-year-old Tasmina adjusts her protective face mask as she waits with her family for a train at a railway station in Karachi. Reuters

Pakistani authorities have identified and sealed off nearly 1,300 hot spots to contain the rising trajectory of new coronavirus infections.

The sealing of high-risk area comes as Pakistan reported 6,472 news cases on Saturday, the country's highest single-day total. Pakistan has confirmed a total of 132,405 cases, including 2,551 deaths.

Pakistan put its entire population of 220 million under lockdown in March. The government has since eased restrictions, saying it was necessary to save the country’s economy, but it has caused a surge in infections.

PakistanVirusBikeA family wearing face masks drives along a street in Karachi. File / AFP

Prime minister Imran Khan has resisted demands from experts to reinforce the lockdown.

Authorities, however, are now using the term "smart lockdown” to close shops and markets and force people to stay home in areas where confirmed cases have increased in recent weeks. Some residential areas were also sealed in the capital, Islamabad, to contain the spread of the virus.

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