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VIDEO: Sweetie the alligator is the new social media star


A combo image shows Louie Morehead carrying Sweetie the alligator.

Gulf Today Report

The social media went on a meltdown over a 6-year-old who was spotted in Florida.

Her name is Sweetie. And now she is the world’s most searched alligator online.

Yes, a gator.

Sweetie’s story grabbed the limelight when a TikTok user, Rachel Bowman, shared a video of the crocodile being carried like a baby by its owner.

The sad part is Sweetie is blind. She is usually spotted donning bright coloured T-shirts at the Florida Key Lime Co. in Cocoa Beach.

Sweetie’s owner, Louie Morehead, adopted her after she was recued from the wild.

Morehead recalls that she had no eyesight; she could have not survived the wild.

Sweetie-Famous A lady plays with Sweetie the alligator.

Morehead, who owns the eatery, keeps inviting everyone to catch a glimpse of Sweetie.

Some of his Facebook posts read, “Sweetie the World's Most Famous Alligator!

Bring your family and friends out to say hello to "Sweetie" this afternoon from 2 to 6...”

Internet users describe the bond as "adorable."

One user, @breiten326 said: Did that gator legit have a shirt on? 🤔

@adamapple066:That’s actually so cute though

@vgerky: I’ve been there! That guy is super nice rescues a bunch of reptiles! They used to have a smaller baby crocodile inside the shop too!

@stephaniesiewert:That’s in Cocoa Beach! My dad went in to get pie and instead walked out with pictures of himself holding alligators.

@acefandomsmall: Is it just me or does that toddler have a tail.


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