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MoE denies rumours of students attending schools from Aug.30


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The UAE Ministry of Education (MOE) has denied the reports circulating on social media platforms saying that students have to attend classes from Aug.30 when the schools reopen.

“MoE denies what's being circulated that the next school year, starting 30 Aug, will have school students attending on campus," ministry tweeted.

“No decision has yet been taken on the matter and the nature of the learning process will be decided according to health developments & precautions,” the ministry tweet said further.

MoE tweet

A couple of days ago Ministry has announced the final exams schedule, taking place from June 21 to June 29, for grade 12 students.

In a statement, the ministry noted that 12th-grade students across public and private schools that apply the ministry's curriculum would undertake final examinations for general and advanced tracks, as well as academic and home study.

The Ministry of Education went on to say that exams would be held via distance-learning modes and systems.

Students will sit their first exam - the physics paper - on 21st June.

The following day (22nd June) students will take their social studies exam, followed by their Arabic language exam on 23rd June.

Students undertaking the general track will sit down for their chemistry and biology exams on 24th June, while students under the advanced track will conduct their chemistry exam on the same day.

On 25th June, students will sit for their English language exam, and will the break off examinations for the weekend (26th and 27th June).

They will then re-commence their final exams, with the mathematics paper on 28th June, and conclude on the 29th with their Islamic studies paper.

According to the ministry, each exam has a duration of 60 minutes, adding that each question within the exam has a set time limit that will appear as a timer next to each question set out.

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