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Ajman Police warn parents against leaving children in cars during hot weather

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Ajman Police General Headquarters warned of the danger of leaving young children alone in vehicles, especially with high air temperature during the summers in the UAE.

The negligent act leads to exposing their lives to the risk of suffocation, and death.


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The Ajman Police have appealed to the parents to make sure that the vehicle is empty and there is no child left inside the car when getting off.

The temperature inside the vehicles usually rises when parked for a long time with the windows rolled up. Hence due to heat, carbon dioxide builds up inside the car, in addition to some toxic gases that are released from the seats and air conditioners.

The Police also said that act is punishable by and is followed with imprisonment and hefty fines.

On the other hand, the UAE authorities have warned residents of leaving sanitisers, other inflammable items and perfumes inside vehicles that may cause explosion as a result of high temperatures as the summer is approaching.

Most of the sterilisers contain flammable alcoholic materials, and direct exposure to sun and a high temperature inside the vehicles, could lead to explosion, which threatens the health of individuals, and cause great property damage.

The authorities also called on drivers not to completely close the vehicle's windows, especially when parked in the sunlight. Furthermore, they are advised not to leave any sterilization materials, perfumes, or any flammable materials such as "lighters" and others inside the vehicle.

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