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VIDEO: Sharjah Police fix flat tyre for residents stranded in car


A combo image shows a Sharjah policeman fixing the flat tyre.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter


Sharjah Police once again have come to the rescue of residents who were stranded on a highway when their vehicle had a flat tyre.


It was a usual day for a Sharjah family. The family members were commuting in their SUV when they had a flat tyre on the outskirts of the emirate.


And to add to their misery, the spare tyre in car was not usable. The panic-stricken members had no option but to wait for help in the middle of the highway.



Luckily, a Sharjah Police patrol car was on duty in the area. The policeman noticed the distressed residents and pulled over.


The vehicle owner explained the situation to the officer and asked for help.


The officer swung into action and asked them to calm down, took note of the tyre size and told them to wait.


The officer got into his car and went to the nearest tyre shop and got a spare tyre for the residents.


The policeman himself fixed the tyre in the car. The residents were speechless with the humane act of Sharjah Police.


They kept on thanking the police officers for help.  Gulf Today could learnt that the incident happened near Wadi Al Helo.




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A video of the incident is doing the rounds on social media platforms.


The UAE authorities have urged residents to adhere to traffic laws. They also called upon vehicle owners to inspect their cars before embarking on a journey, specially a long one.


The authorities have been advocating summer campaigns which aim to raise awareness and encourage drivers to adhere to speed limits designated on the road, in addition to ensuring tyre safety to avoid accidents as the summer approaches.

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