VIDEO: Dog dies after being tied to car and dragged along a road in Karachi, driver arrested - GulfToday

VIDEO: Dog dies after being tied to car and dragged along a road in Karachi, driver arrested


A combo image shows the car dragging the dog and the man arrested for the act.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A horrific video has emerged from Karachi of a stray dog being tied to a car and dragged along Siraj ud-Duala Road, near Alamgir mosque in Karachi.

The inhuman act led to the death of the dog.

Ever since the video appeared online, stringent calls were made to arrest the culprit.

With the help of social media, the Ferozabad Police found the car and seized it. The police also arrested the driver.

AIGP Ops Sindh Dr Assad Malhi, who shared images of the car and the driver on Twitter, said, “Karachi Police traced the car driver and arrested him and seized the vehicle; case is being registered against him in district East Karachi.”

ACF Animal Rescue shared the shocking video on their Twitter account and said, “We as a nation enjoy torturing animals. Where is the justice you promised for all the vulnerable? @ImranKhanPTI #pakistan…”


ACF Animal Rescue later thanked Malhi and said, “Thank you so much Sir. You have given us light in so much darkness. We hope the RIGHT person is punished. This is the first time ever that justice has been served so quickly for a case about an animal and we hope this sets an example for others that #AnimalCruelty is inexcusable.”

ACF Animal Rescue is the first and largest animal rescue shelter, sanctuary and rescue service for the most vulnerable, abused, and neglected living beings in Pakistani society.

With the video being shared several times on the social platforms, netizens have expressed their anger.

Karachi-Car-dog Karachi Police seize the car with Sindh number plate.

Jawziya F. Zaman said, “Are we as usual deploying the law against poor people while rich perpetrators go free? We need more information about who owns the car, whether they were in it, and whether it was their decision or the driver's to torture the animal. Please provide details.”

Kanwal said, “People are arrested, informed on social media and thats it. Why not case followed up same as happens in other countries where a criminal’s story from capture to punishment is made public so that people also see justice being served.”

M. Saeed Sulehria said, “Can you assure he will be brought to justic due to his inhumane act. Here human killers are not booked and set to free.”

This is the second case of animal cruelty in less than a week.

In the Indian State of Kerala, a pregnant wild elephant died standing in water after she ate a pineapple filled with firecrackers offered by a hooligan has stunned and shaken animal lovers.

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