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Excitement, praise for leaders as UAE residents return home


Foreign passengers at Dubai International Airport. AFP

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Senior Business Reporter

The UAE will today (Monday) start receiving residents with valid residence visas, who were stranded abroad due to coronavirus pandemic from various countries.

The UAE authorities have already warned stranded residents not to book flights or travel back to the emirates until they receive approvals on their request.

Gulf Today spoke to a few stranded expatriates, who were desperate to return to the UAE and were jubilant with the country’s bold initiatives in the fight against COVID-19.

Munir Awan, a leading Pakistani businessman based in Dubai revealed to Gulf Today that he along with his family were stuck in New York as they were supposed to return on March 15 to Dubai.


UAE residents joyous as stranded expats set to return

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He mentioned that they were overjoyed after getting Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) approval and they have booked their tickets and would return during the week to the UAE.

Neha Kaul, CEO & Founder, Your Wordsmiths told Gulf Today that she was really excited with the initiative of the UAÈ government to help expats stuck outside to return to the UAE from Monday.

The UAE resident hailing from Nepal after she got stuck in her home country while her husband is in the UAE.

The UAE has been home for me for the past 20 years and I run a business there as well. I came to Fremont, California with my daughter in early March to visit my brother and parents and celebrate my dad’s birthday. But we were unable to return on April 4 as the UAE borders were closed in response to the pandemic. I recall being disappointed about not being able to return home, but it was also very heartening to see how proactively the UAE government was tackling the virus with the lockdown and disinfection drive and extensive testing.

“We completely understand the closing of borders and feel it was a very smart decision, which was the need of the hour. Right now there is excitement and relief as we look forward to return to a country that has made our home safe and secure for us to come back to. I have applied on ICA for approval and I am very hopeful that with the initiative launching today, we will be coming ‘home’ soon.

“Kudos to a government that makes us feel really welcome in the UAE. I feel we are blessed to be able to call Dubai home.”

Taghrid El Obeidi Vogor, the UAE resident hailing  from France, who got stuck with her 14-year-old daughter in Istanbul in early March has lauded the UAE leadership’s bold move of allowing the stranded expats to re-enter the country from today. She mentioned that they have already submitted ICA forms and are confident to get the approval at the earliest.

Suhibh Pandey, the UAE resident hailing from Nepal, is desperate to return to the UAE after she got stuck in her home country while her husband is in the UAE.

“We came to Nepal on 6th of March 2020 and were scheduled to fly back on 31st of March. But due to the COVID-19, me and my children are stuck here. My husband is in the UAE right now. We have  already submitted application with authorities and we hope our prayers will be listened and we will be together soon,” Pandey said.

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