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Ras Al Khaimah reopens ladies and gents salons, puts strict guidelines for mall visits ​


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The Department of Economic Development in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) has announced all men’s hairdressing salons and women’s beauty centers are allowed to reopen and operate normally in Ras Al Khaimah from Thursday.

Authorities said, before opening, rigorous safety standards must be implemented and all establishments must adhere to a series of strict safety protocols to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and safeguard public health.

This move comes as part of the Department’s commitment to find a balance between allowing economic activity to continue in the Emirate, while also protecting all members of the community.

Some of the conditions include mandatory COVID-19 testing for employees; staff must always wear masks and gloves; and waiting areas must be blocked off as customers will be welcomed only by appointment.

Other rules include ensuring only head hair can be cut at men’s salons; temporary separators must be placed between chairs; equipment must be sterilized frequently; and temperature checks will be carried out on customers, while those suffering from cold or flu symptoms will not be allowed to enter.

Department inspectors will verify compliance with the rules before allowing establishments to reopen and businesses will be subject to follow-up checks afterwards. Anyone found in breach of the rules will face fines or even closure.

It is prohibited to serve the services touches faces or remove the face mask from the customers.

The other services can be served normally within the preventive measures to safe the public from Coronavirus.

The RAK DED has issued Circular No.15/2020 set of restrictions as malls begin to reopened on Thursday specifies operating hours for malls, open at 10am while closing time will be decided by the National Emergency, Crisis, and Disasters Authority, several activities have been restricted, including cinemas, gyms, and entertainment.

The DED closed the public sitting areas and prayer rooms, limiting malls’ visitor capacities to 30%, prohibiting visitors over 60 of age or under 12 from entering. Restaurants have been instructed to operate at 30% capacity at most, while groups exceeding four will not be allowed to share a single table, and tables will be placed at least 2.5 metres.

To ensure the health of shoppers, the Department underlined the importance of running health checks on all cleaning and security staff. All visitors are expected to wear masks and gloves and encouraged to bring their own bags. Car parks must be operated at 50% and no more than 3 people should be allowed in a vehicle.

valet parking and car wash services will be suspended. Disinfection devices and temperature checkpoints will be installed at entrances and those with a fever exceeding 38 degrees Celsius will be asked to leave. Periodic disinfection campaigns will be implemented all around the centers, especially the surfaces that shoppers are most in contact with, such as handrails on escalators.

Shoppers will be encouraged to use e-payment systems and leave elevators for people with special needs (at a capacity of 2 ), marks will be placed on escalators and floors to ensure social distancing is being observed, all touchscreens will be disabled, and a team of paramedics will be available.

Stores will test employees before reopening the malls and required to wear masks and gloves

Department cautioned, only 1person /five q2 must be admitted. E-payment should be used and returns/exchanges prohibited. Shopping carts must be sanitised, activities should be restricted, as cosmetics restaurants located inside malls to disinfect their facilities every use.

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