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VIDEO: Sharjah Police arrest taxi driver for traffic law violation


The taxi driver is in Sharjah Police custody.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The security services in the Sharjah Police General Command have managed to arrest a taxi driver within three hours of after he was involved in performing banned activities in one of the roads of the emirate.

The driver published materials in a section of social media.

The video showed the driver involved in performing activities in his vehicle in one of the external roads of the emirate in violation of all traffic laws and rules.

The dangerous act expose put the life of others in danger and also danger to public property.

The Sharjah Police tracked the driver through its various security channels and took him in custody.

The police is preparing documents to take legal measures towards the driver. The Sharjah stressed its keenness and follow-up with all public security activities nd community safety controls.

The police have warned that they will not tolerate any activities and incident that puts the life of community in danger.

Earlier this month, the Sharjah Police have taken a person into custody for vandalising cars.

The Sharjah Police General Command said a video clip was circulating on social media, in which a person appeared to be smashing the windows of parked vehicles in an area in Sharjah.

The police said that security teams have arrested the man responsible for damaging the cars.

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