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VIDEO: Mosques to remain closed for Eid prayer across UAE


A view of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Abdurrahman Al Shamsi, spokesman for Awqaf, said that due to the current exceptional circumstances, the Fatwa Council of the United Arab Emirates has decided that Eid prayers will be performed at home to ensure safety for all family members in compliance with other precautionary measures taken, including the continuing closure of mosques across the country.

"All mosques, however, will declare Takbeerat Al Aid (Eid chants) through their microphones 10 minutes prior to the prayer to instill feelings of joy and happiness among people," he added.

He stressed on the importance of disseminating feeling of joy and exchanging greetings among all family members, relatives, neighbours and friends through modern means of communications, while entirely abstaining from physical visits and gatherings to ensure the safety of all people, specially the elderly, children and sick people.

It is incumbent on everyone to abide by the COVID-19 countermeasures during Eid. Any violations will have an adverse effect on the entire society," he warned, noting that the violators will be subject to administrative penalty and disciplinary action.

He reiterated the importance of stopping distributing Eidaya (money gift to children during Eid), citing some research studies which confirmed that the virus may be transmitted through banknote.


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"We advise avoiding circulating banknote and using e-payment tools instead to avoid any risk, especially that those who typically take Eidayah are children who may not be fully aware of the preventive measures," he continued.

"The decision to keep malls open for certain times during Eid came after ensuring they have applied all preventive measures, including working at 30 % capacity, enforcing a two metre safety distance, and prohibiting the entry of people over 60 years of age and children below 12, in addition to restricting the shopping trip for any person to a maximum of two hours," he added.

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