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UAE PASS to be the only digital ID to access government services


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Smart Dubai has announced details regarding the recent decision issued by the Strategic Affairs Council – part of The Executive Council of Dubai – to mandate UAE PASS as the only digital identity to be used by citizens and residents to access government services in Dubai.

Work is underway to implement UAE PASS in both local and federal systems across the UAE, which will address several challenges in government operations, such as the absence of a digital signature mechanism and the multiplicity of login information to services’ platforms.

Smart Dubai had put in motion an initiative called ‘The Digital Future,’ developed as part of its 100-day plan for the ‘Government Development Track’ – one of the six tracks announced by the Dubai Council, which was inaugurated at the beginning of 2020 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai.

The initiative aims to expedite the rate of the adoption of UAE PASS by citizens and residents, which will lay the foundations for a digital future across the government and private sectors.

The Strategic Affairs Council had adopted the UAE PASS policy in the Emirate of Dubai as of May 1, 2020, as one of the Dubai Councils’ initiatives.

The decision was motivated by UAE PASS’s potential to drive development across the government service ecosystem; enhance communication between local and federal entities on one hand, and the private sector on the other; and grant citizens and residents access to government and private-sector services.

UAE PASS eliminates the need to physically visit customer service centres and submit paper identification documents.

It provides an authorised digital ID through smartphones, and includes a digital signature feature allowing users to sign official documents. Users can access more than 5,000 government services by using a single username and password.

Smart Dubai’s main objective from implementing the Digital Future initiative is to save time and effort for individuals in the city, helping them lead happier lives..

Smart Dubai also seeks to keep up with technological advancements, support the emirate’s digital transformation, and drive the transition towards a digital government.

Bishr-Bin-Butti-750x450 Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr

With its digital signature feature and its ability to provide access to countless government services with a single set of login credentials, UAE PASS adds an element of trust to digital government transactions.

The service has so far been adopted by 200,000 individuals.

Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General of Smart Dubai, asserted that the Strategic Affairs Council’s decision to mandate the use of UAE PASS by all individuals and government entities in Dubai will considerably accelerate its adoption across the entire Dubai community, and promote its use for various transactions in the UAE.

“UAE PASS allows users to easily access services, as well as to digitally and remotely sign the necessary documents. This, in turn, supports Smart Dubai’s efforts to establish the emirate as the world’s happiest and smartest city,” she said.

“In partnership with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, the UAE PASS project was launched in 2018 in an effort to support our wise leadership’s vision to build future-ready smart cities. It is in line with their plans for digital transformation, and supports the Dubai Paperless Strategy,”

Dr Aisha explained. “The project demonstrates the effectiveness of collaboration between government entities across the country, and its ability to create innovative tools that drive the transition towards fully automated smart systems.”

“Today, as we launch a policy for UAE PASSUAE PASS being the official gateway to access all Dubai Government services, we reap the fruits of years of hard work,” Dr Aisha noted.


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