Over 5,000 nurses work in frontline in the UAE: MoHAP - GulfToday

Over 5,000 nurses work in frontline in the UAE: MoHAP


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Iman Abdullah, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Health and Prevention revealed that approximately 5,000 nurses work in the frontline to combat the coronavirus pandemic in hospitals and health centers affiliated to it. Also nursing students from various grades participated in the frontline after they received full training in infection prevention in their universities and colleges.

“The Ministry developed proactive plans to deal with various scenarios expected for the development of the situation,” said Dr. Sumaya Mohammed Al Balushi, Director of Nursing Department at the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

The Ministry also works to follow the field around the clock, study challenges and develop strategic plans to overcome them, and develop proactive plans to deal with various scenarios expected for the development of the situation.

“We are also working to ensure the provision of the necessary healthcare and nursing services to the UAE community,” Dr. Sumaya added.

She explained that paying tribute to nurses is a highlight of the important role that nursing staff play in providing healthcare, and highlighting their key role in the health care system.

Iman Al-Khanzoury, a nurse in the frontline, said in light of the COVID-19 crisis, the nursing staff works 12 hours continuously, and the role is great for the nurses who deal with patients continuously, where they follow-up patients at least 4 times a day, to provide care and monitor their conditions.

“The inspiring words of Their Highnesses and the message of Mother of the Nation, stand as a permanent motivation for us to continue in the nursing profession, and today we call on all the people of the UAE to join the nursing profession, and serve the nation through nursing,” she added.

Khawla Al-Shaer, a nurse at an isolation hospital, said, “The country supports the nursing cadre, and the leadership is our first supporter, and the opportunities are still open for all Emiratis to join the nursing profession, in order to serve the country.”

She also noted that the Ministry has been keen to optimize all capabilities to protect the nursing workers from infection.

Mitha Al Muhairi, a clinical guidance nurse at an isolation hospital, said that the challenges are great behind the scenes of the isolation rooms.

“We strive to spread positivity among the COVID-19 patients, and give them the hope in order to be able to beat the virus, and I call everyone who sees in himself the ability to be a nurse to go ahead immediately, nursing is one of the highest professions, and the country needs them,” she said.

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