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Emirati grandmother contracts coronavirus after relative kisses her on the forehead


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Iman Abdullah Al Ali, Staff Reporter

An Emirati grandmother, 62, was always keen on staying at home, abiding by social distancing rules, avoiding shaking hands with her children and cancelling all her appointments in hospitals as a precautionary measure.

Nevertheless, she was infected with COVID-19 after one of her second-degree relatives kissed her on the forehead without taking into consideration her old age and weak immunity.

One day later, it was found that the relative was suffering from COVID-19 and the family members decided to take their grandmother for tests immediately. The result, unfortunately, was positive and the grandmother was quarantined without any companion to suffer from her pain alone.


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“All the first-degree family members, who lived in the same house, were committed to the home-quarantine rules since March in compliance with the government’s orders. My grandmother, who was the most committed, cancelled her dental appointments and all other appointments that could be delayed and did not come out even for emergency reasons. She was very keen on staying at home and not touching any family member over the past few months,” Maryam Hussain, the woman’s granddaughter, said.

“But a second-degree family member visited my grandmother and kissed her on the forehead amidst the resentment of the other family members. After leaving, the relative sadly enough was found to be infected with COVID-19 and we had to take my grandmother to the nearest clinic for tests because she was the only one she got contact with him,” she added.

“Two days later, the tragic news came when my grandmother’s result was positive. She was infected with the virus despite her keenness on not leaving the house. The virus came to her due to the carelessness of a family member,” she said.

“The news was like a slap to us; it caused us fear and panic because my grandmother is old, her immunity is weak and she is suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and glands. We also made tests for all other family members but the result was negative,” she added.

“My grandmother is now in quarantine and her condition is stable. I pray to Allah that she would recover soon because she is the blessing of the house, and the house will be gloomy without her,” she said.

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