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UAE helps US citizen visit her father suffering from coronavirus


The US girl arrives at Dubai International Airport on Sunday.

Many stories have emerged that highlighted the UAE’s efforts to help those who have suffered since the start of the novel coronavirus crisis.

These efforts have written the UAE’s history in letters of light, through its honourable work, which has brought to the rest of the world its humanitarianism in times of crises.

UScitizen-UAEAn immigration official checks her documents at Dubai Airport. WAM

After a US citizen published her story in foreign newspapers, the UAE responded by helping her return to the UAE, where she was reunited with her father, enabling her to care for him after he was infected with the coronavirus.


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The US citizen thanked the UAE for helping her return to the country, stating, "I am fortunate for the speedy response and sympathy of officials in the UAE."

AmericanGirlUAEA Dubai health worker checks her documents. WAM

She said that she was surprised by a phone call that reassured her that she would receive help, adding that within 24 hours the procedures for facilitating her entry to the UAE from the US were begun, despite the suspension of flights, the closure of borders, and the tightening of entry procedures around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She expressed her happiness after she was welcomed at the airport. "Words fail to express my happiness and gratitude to the UAE’s government and people for their humanitarian support for me," she said.


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